Pack de deux coques de Salah à Liverpool


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📱 Phone case of Soccer Liverpool Football Club reinforced silicone

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Personalize your passion: personalized Liverpool case

Live every day with the intensity of a Premier League match with our customizable Liverpool Football Club case. Immerse yourself in the world of Football by adding your name and number, creating a unique piece that vibrates to the rhythm of your emotions and your loyalty.

An exclusive creation for supporters 🌟

Transform your phone into an emblem of support for Liverpool Football Club. Our case, designed to reflect your personality and your passion, is the perfect expression of your commitment. It embodies your love for the club and the sport, distinguishing you as a true and devoted fan.

Protection and style that reflects your club 💪

Our soft silicone cases don't just protect your phone; they celebrate your passion with elegance. Every detail, from the colors to the design, is thought out to honor Liverpool Football Club , allowing you to feel the pride and excitement of every match, wherever you are.

Connect with the history of Liverpool Football Club 📜

Take a part of Liverpool Football Club's heritage with you. This case is a daily connection to the club's triumphs and challenges in the Premier League, strengthening your connection with the legends of the field.

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For fans of the Liverpool Football Club stars, explore our collection of flocked cases . It's more than an accessory , it's a collector's item, a piece of the heart and soul of your team, captured in a case you won't find anywhere else.


It comes from France!




Order the only case brand of Soccer suitable for 500 models !

MYCASE FC has thought of everything, the customization of your Liverpool Football Club case is optimized to be compatible with your phone model.


From pro players, to your favorite tiktokeurs or even your favorite club.. For 5 years, there have been thousands of cases adopted by your favorite personalities.

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